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Friday, May 19, 2006

Group Skate Map

A very useful tools for you to find others to skate together.

Group Skate Mapper: "GroupSkates"

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Undefined Value: Kris Johnson's Blog: What I've Learned about Inline Skating and Roller Hockey

Undefined Value: Kris Johnson's Blog: What I've Learned about Inline Skating and Roller Hockey:

"# Don't buy the $35 inline skates from Wal-Mart. It's hard to skate on them, and they hurt my feet. The $150 skates I bought the next day were worth the money.
# Protective gear (helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards or hockey gloves) is another $100 or so, and is definitely worth the cost.
# Falling down on a roller rink without pads doesn't hurt much. Falling down in a parking lot without pads hurts a lot."

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Inline Skate Marathons

Big Granite Marathon: Ashland, WI
Disney Inline Marathon: Orlando, FL
Long Beach Inline Marathon: Long Beach, CA
National Capital Marathon: Ottawa, Canada
Northshore Inline Marathon: Duluth, MN:
Saint Paul Inline Marathon: Saint Paul, MN

Take free skate lesson is a coalition of skate schools offering free inline skating lessons in major cities across America. The goal is to introduce more people to our sport and absolutely no experience is required to take a free lesson. Once you take a lesson we hope you will come back for more and learn to enjoy our sport.

Click Here to register for a Free Lesson

Books on Inline Skating


reviews and ratings of in-line skates

This page provides reviews and ratings of in-line skates. These skates need to have good bearings, flexible blades, durable frames, and be lightweight, to ensure a smooth ride. Rate the skates listed below on the durability and comfort of the skates and the enjoyability of riding them.

US Inline Skating Path Locations from Priism Enterprises

US Inline Skating Path Locations:

  • Arizona Inline Skating Paths
  • Florida Inline Skating Paths
  • Indiana Inline Skating Paths
  • Maryland Inline Skating Paths
  • Missouri Inline Skating Paths
  • New York Inline Skating Paths
  • Virginia Inline Skating Paths
  • About InlineSkating: Most Popular Articles

    How to In-Line Skate with your Dog

    You bet it is hard to do it safely and to have fun at the same time, check out here:

    About InlineSkating: What's Hot Now

    A forum on Rollerblade

    Link: SkateFresh

    A good website for the beginners.

    Articles from the Inline Skating Center

    Articles by Jim Safianuk on inline skating techniques, skate maintenance, and the fitness aspects of inline skating. Both view-only and print-friendly versions of each article are available.
    • The T-Stop
      Advanced skaters sometimes prefer to use the T-stop as a quick way to slow down. However, excessive use of this means of stopping can prematurely wear out the inside edges and the profile of your wheels. If this isn’t a major concern for you, by all means use the T-stop when it’s to your advantage to do so. The T-stop is applied by forming a T-shape with your skates.
    • Longer Strides and Glides
      Sometimes, especially on trails longer than 20 miles, and in high heat in the middle of the summer, you may start to fatigue due to dehydration or if your calorie burn has exceeded your calorie intake for the day. Under these circumstances, it’s good to have a means by which you can conserve your energy until you reach the end of the trail. One approach is to use longer strides and glides. Let me explain!
    • Inline Skate Bearings and the ABEC Scale
      If you think you need new bearings, it's best to check your inline skate bearings for wear using the tests in this article. Your bearings are at the core of your wheels and serve to reduce friction so you can skate smoothly and efficiently. Hence, they need to properly maintained from season to season. However, before you head to your local skating shop in search of new bearings, it's best to learn about the Annular Bearing Engineering Council or ABEC scale.
    • Buying Inline Skate Wheels
      Inline skate wheels have the greatest impact on your skating performance. They come in different sizes, shapes, and composition, and are made to suit different styles of skating. Before you head to your local sporting goods store for replacement wheels, it is best to learn something about the physical properties of a typical, inline skate wheel including the hardness, size, core, and profile.

    Friday, April 21, 2006

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